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Why we celebrate Ram Navami

It is celebrated by the faithfuls with pooja a kind of devotional workship like as Bhajan and Kirtan. And the people by fasting and reading the passages about the Lord Rama’s life. Specific or special cities in the Ramayana legends about the Rama’s and cheerful celebrations occur. These cities such as Ayodhya (uttar pradesh), Rameshwaram (tamil nadu), Bhadrachalam (telangana) and Sitamarhi (bihar).In this article we are going to tell you that¬†Why we celebrate Ram Navami¬†

Some locations organize Rath- yatra (chariot procession) while some celebrae it as the wedding anniversary festival of Rama and Sita in which the individual play the role of Rama and Sita, they wear the same clothes and jewellaries as an Indian culture describe on their particular historic book.
While the festival is named after Rama, festival includes the reverence for Sita, Lakshmana and Hanumana give their importance in Rama’s life story.
Some Vaishnava Hindu observed that the festival in Hindu temples, some observe with in their house. Surya Dev (hindu sun god) is a major part of worship and ceremonies in some communities .

South Indian Vaishava communities observe all nine days of chaitra navarati remebering Rama and reading the Ramayana in temples organizing special discussion session in the evening about charitable events to help those in need and communtiy meals are organized by temples and Vaishnava organizations for many Hindus it is an occasion for moral reflection.

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